Fixing wrong artist info

How does one go about fixing the wrong artist information in Roon?

I have a lot of music with a guitarist named Jack Jones (aka Irwin Thomas), but Roon has assigned info from an older 50’s artist called Jack Jones in the artist description etc.

I have tried changing the birth date etc, but no change…

Hi @Steve_Lees,

Can you share screenshot of examples of the albums you’re seeing under the incorrect artists so the team can take a closer look?

Sorry I can not now as I worked out after posting that by merging two artists and choosing the correct one as the main one, I could fix the problem, which I did. I will see if there are others and post those.

And just for clarity, when I say I merged two artists, I merged the incorrect Jack Jones with Irwin Thomas (his real name as Jack Jones is a stage name), I chose Irwin Thomas as the main artist info and then renamed it to Irwin Thomas (Jack Jones).

Other strange artist behavior I have noticed multiple times today is duplicate artist listings, showing different info until you try to merge them, as the image attached shows.

Just to show the above is not an isolated case, here is another I just found.

And another, however this one shows different artist info, until you try to merge them where they are once again the same.

Hi @Steve_Lees,

We currently have a ticket in the system with our development team regarding the duplicate artists issue. I can’t provide any specific timeframes for when a solution will be available, but we will be sure to update you here when more information is available.

Thank you Dylan.

Hi @dylan ,

I also have a wrong artist bio, and I don’t know how to fix it:

There is a Juan Carmona who is a member of the flamenco fusion band Ketama, but the bio Roon shows belongs to the other Juan Carmona who confusingly is also a flamenco guitar player, but not a member of Ketama.