Flac cue splitter - batch mode for osx 2000 albums

it doesn´t look like roon will support flac-cue …so if i decide to split my albums up…is there a smart solution for osx? i know it´s possible with xld manual. but 2000 is a lot work…so i would appreciate some batch-converting - any idea

thanks for youre thoughts

When I converted my collection from cue+file to separate tracks some 5 years ago there wasn’t really any good batch converter for MacOSX, so I ended up using windows and cue tools, that is a brilliant converter and let it convert the whole collection.
I don’t know how the scenario is nowadays for OSX but a quick google search made it look like it isn’t that much different :-/

hey sorry i was stupid …ther is a batch tool in xld…

i just had the wrong setup…it´s working great :wink:
you need the setup in batsh only open “cue”

Glad that you have it fixed :+1:

I recommend you to choose Avdshare Audio Converter to Split one big FLAC into multiple FLAC tracks or split FLAC into many MP3 segments or split FLAC into WAV, M4A, AAC, etc