FLAC with embedded art - Does Roon display it when playing


All my rips are WAV (with tags I created outside of Roon that Roon works with).

I am retiring soon so will have time on my hands and I have always wanted to create “best of” albums (one per artist)

My plan would be to convert specific WAV tracks to FLAC with embedded album art (ie I can see what album a track was from)

My question is… when a FLAC file with embedded art is playing does Roon respect this and will it change the displayed album cover as it works it way through the tracks in one of my “best of” album.



If all the albums are already in Roon, the best way to handle this would be to create "Best of " Playlists. Tracks added to Playlists keep their originating album because they are still part of that album.


I tried my method… embedded artwork into one flac track and imported that into roon.

Roon read the single track and “promoted” this to be the album details… so my method wont work with Roon.

Re your comment… I want to use non-specific Roon features/functionality so if I need to use some other front end my work wont be lost (ie portable)



Roon will certainly allow you to create ”best of” albums, and allow for different embedded artwork.
What you need to do though is create a folder, ”My Artist - Best Of” and copy the tracks you want to include therein. You may even want to edit the metadata of the contents to set track numbering, ”Album” to ”Best Of” and perhaps other things to such as ”album year”.

I tend to agree with the suggestion to create playlists instead, much better!
Dont know if Roon will allow you to export a playlist though?

You can export Playlists, but it will export them reflecting the original folder structure; not all grouped in one directory.


\Playlist_title\Rolling_Stones\Some Girls\Some Girls.flac
. . . . . . . . . . \Beatles\White Album\Number 9.flac
etc. etc

Excellent, thanks for clearing that up Daniel.
So then the export will still create a manageable folder structure even if it is a level deeper than expected.

Actually, I’ve never got this to work. I have a collection of flac files with embedded artwork, merged them all into one album, and Roon promptly chooses one picture and uses that for the album cover and all the tracks. Tell it to use file metadata etc, but no go. If I pick a selection and create a playlist it still doesn’t work. What’s the secret?

Ahem, i’m sorry about the last part of that line. It appears you are correct. Individual artwork seems a difficult task and i probably got it mixed up the playlist view. And while i tried this out i would say you will save yourself some trouble by editing metadata for Album and tracknumbering with an external editor.
It is doable in Roon too, but it’s a bit like using a fork as a screwdriver… :slight_smile:

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