Flaky Tidal connections

Since 1.5 (though could be a coincidence) have issues with “this track is not available from Tidal”

So I try logging out and then cannot log back in due to “network error - check your connection”

Now my network is working fine - no other issues and I can log into / out of tidal desktop app from various points in my network

Full reboot of core solves it but it’s a pain doing that every day.

iMac 2013 27in as core
Cable 25mbps connection - no issues
Ethernet connection to Rpi3 running roonbridge on ropieee to dragonfly black 1.5 dac enabled as mqa renderer

No issues before 1.5, no other network issues - all hardware rebooted and cables changed

Any ideas ?

Some people have found changing DNS to help with Tidal network issues. I use the public Google DNS.

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Hi @Paul_Butler ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us! The insight is always appreciated and sorry to hear of the troubles.

I agree with the suggestion made in @andybob’s post above (thanks Andrew :+1:) as we have seen the mentioned adjustment help other users who have reported having a similar experience with Roon + TIDAL.

Additionally, may I very kindly ask you to please describe your network configuration/topology, being sure to provide insight into any networking hardware you are currently implementing. I want to have a clear understanding as to how your devices are communicating and all the tools involved with making those connection possible


Thanks guys - I am already on google dns…

I have a fibre optic connection to home (Australian NBN FTTH). This connects to a Sagem router. The core iMac 2013 27in is connected to router by Ethernet and an Ethernet connection runs from router to pi3 running ropieee. This feeds dragonfly 1.5 black DAC and then amp and speakers. All hardwired - no wireless. All platforms up to date for software

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I have been having similar Tidal issues the past couple of days, also my Android Roon Remote has suddenly been unable to find the core without restarting Roonserver. I will watch the relevant topics for status before calling in support.

Had the same problem this afternoon. I thought it was a wireless problem; it cleared up when I used a wired connection. Maybe that was just a coincidence.

Hi @Paul_Butler ---- Thank you for touching base with me and taking the time to answer my questions. The continued feedback is very appreciated!

Continuing forward, I wanted to first check in with you and see if any new observations or progress has been made here. Additionally, I would like to enable diagnostics on your account so we can have a closer look into this behavior. However, before I enable this feature would you kindly reproduce the issue (i.e try to login into TIDAL via Roon - “network error - check your connection”) and note the time when it occurred.

Once I have the requested timestamp I will go ahead and enable the mentioned diagnostics on your account. Thanks!


Thanks Eric - i’ve been away from home for a few days, so will see how Tidal behaves itself over the next few days and then get back to you with timestamping if necessary

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Hey Eric - no issues to report for over a week now, so we can assume this was a blip and can be closed

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