Flashing LED in Hz

Harry @spockfish, I have a question about the flashing LED. I just noticed that the actual pattern is one second on then one second off, so wouldn’t that be 1/2 Hz ? I wouldn’t want it faster than it is, and truth be told some days I wish it could be turned off.

Thinking about it yes…0.5Hz as a complete cycle is 2 seconds.

Ohhhhh I’m blushing over here.
Stating your a ‘hifi nerd’ and then making such a mistake :slight_smile:

Yeah… what we could do is make it an option to disable the LED. I mean, the LED only serves it’s purpose during installation (“is it done already?”), so I can imagine that you can live without it.


On my two Audiophonics RaspTouch I-Sabre ES9028Q2M DACs the flashing LED is part of the large power on/off button. It’s a lot more bright and visible that the little red LED on the RPi board on my four HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro units. I’ve sometimes wondered if it would be better just on and not flashing.

May I add a vote for including an option to turn off all the LEDs? (My partner has started making fun of the “disco lights” on the under-the-bed RoPieee.)

I guess I can also just log on and stop the LED service with systemctl for now?

Yeah. I’ll ad an option in the next release.

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