Flaw in Roon Handling of Composition Titles

Roon software “clings” to erroneous composition titles long after the original tag sources have been corrected. The flaw is that simple.

Here is a screen from a recently imported album:

The two compositions (circled) originally had small flaws that prevented their metadata recognition and linking.

I make the necessary edits to WORK and PART, save and rescan the tracks, and the tracks are linked…BUT

…their titles aren’t changed on the display. I recheck the tags, and edit the TITLEs to remove errors there, rescan, BUT…

…no change. In fact, the only way now to correct the changes is to back out the album entirely and re-import. That’s a silly way to require users to curate music.

The flaw, IMO, is that Roon prefers the TITLE tag to whatever the WORK tag says (if populated). Further, it is loath to display user edits to WORK or TITLE tags even after a rescan request.

For the record the album is unidentified

This flaw has remained unfixed for at least a year and has been reported several times. I hope it isn’t trapped in the “working as intended” file.

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Don’t understand the post but I have completely different Qobuz counters. 319 for the Beethoven 3 and 156 for the Schubert 8. I s that normal? Different licencing jurisdictions? I am in Ireland.

I suspect so. US here.