Flirc Remote Hiccup

I’ve set up my Pi4 with Roipiee running into a Micromega MyAmp that has an integrated DAC with a USB input. Install was simple, and worked great for a week or so.

Added a Flirc to the Pi last night to use with my Harmony remote, and got that working in short order.

Now the volume on the amp randomly mutes while playing music. It does this without any activity being sent to the Flirc from the remote. I originally thought it was a problem with the amp, but the issue goes away when the flirc is removed. My initial though was a power supply issue, but the Supply is new and rated at 3.5 amps so its unlikely that it’s the culprit.

@spockfish, any ideas? Thanks!

I wonder if some other device in your home is sending an errant signal to the Flirc? I’m thinking TV remote, etc.

No, there are no other remotes in this room.