Flocal Bathy headphones not working with Room and HQPlayer through USB C

Seasons greetings. As the topic says I’m trying to play music via Room and HQPlayer through USB C on my MacBook, no sound. Is it that there is a setup problem or my stupidity? YouTube etc plays fine.


Hi Rob, would help if you can share screenshots of all your HQPlayer settings

Thanks for your rapid reply and I think my stupidity!! I suspect the problem is obvious and lies here!!! Is it possible to have more than one HQPlayer setup and switch between them??

As a note it plays fine through my iPhone using a lightening to USB C cable but without the headphone DAC setting on!

Sorted my stupidity!!!

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Don’t worry we’ve all been there before !

You should also change max volume to -3dB (currently showing as 0), even though your startup vol is already -3dB

Good practise unless there is a deliberate reason not to

How does it all sound?!

How does it sound, well, to my old ears, really good. I’m used to full systems and there is something about the intimacy of headphones that, for me, is really good. Better than my full system, probably not, however, room acoustics etc are less prevalent. New toys always sound better, how else can you justify them. I hope you’ve had a great Christmas and have a good new year!