Flying Colors - Kayla (Live): wrong artist and title

In this album Kayla [Live] the artist Flying Colors credited as “primary artist” is wrong. The correct artist is the homonymous Flying Colors at this link (Flying Colors | Biography, Albums, Streaming Links | AllMusic)

Also, the correct title of the single is Kayla (Live) with round brackets (not square) brackets, as you can see here on the official band’s Bandcamp profile Kayla (Live) | Flying Colors

Thank you for your help!

No help but I LOVE Flying Colors!
Have their 3 studio albums on vinyl.
Congratulations on great taste!

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Hi @Marco_Bisi. We’ve asked for this to be corrected.


Hi @Marco_Bisi . Our provider corrected this today. Please allow at least a week for this update to be pulled into your library.

FYI, TiVo’s policy --since the beginning-- is to use [live] rather than (live), so this won’t be changed. Obviously, you can make a personal edit in your library should you wish.

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