FOCAL Arche USB compatibility

Attn: Harry (Spockfish)
Per advice from Paul Sweeney.

The Focal Arche requires a windows 10 driver to run connected directly to a Windows PC.

It might be that as a non-standard USB port it probably requires an update to the Linux kernel to run properly.

I cannot make the Arche play via USB using a RPi3 and Ropieee (or XL)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you send me feedback?

Hi @spockfish,
The Focal Arche is connected to Ropieee via USB, set it up as roon zone, and…nothing.
Will not play.

It is shown as alsa and I defined it in roon.
I can see the tracks skipped, no more than a second each.

Tried a few formats, all the same.

A Mytek, when connected to the same path had no issues at all.
Connected to Mac Mini, it runs fine. But this is not how I wanted it.
Replaced cables and ports, restarted, reflashed, No good.

So this may be the USB driver in Ropieee

As @Paul_Sweeney noted, This post suggests that the USB port does indeed require a Linux kernel update to work fully:

That’s not how it works in Linux.

Can you send me feedback, as in, hit the button ‘send feedback’ on the ‘advanced’ tab of the web interface?

Misunderstanding on my part

Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier d50bd4d492f70871

You have multiple reports of an underpowered (low-voltage) Pi.
I suggest you fix that problem first, because this can cause issues.


I have connected it to the screen USB, to save a socket.
But this was the same when connected with its brick.

I am reconnecting and will post logs again

Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier a6ec7f161ab92b3c

Thank you @spockfish

Oeofff… serious USB errors. I suggest you contact the DAC vendor and ask him for proper UAC support, because this is definitely a device issue.

I have written the vendor, Focal.

But is this something that can be rectified on the ropieee end?

As from the added post, I am not the only user having this issue.

As vendors go…

Only if the vendor releases a driver for the Linux kernel. If they dont then Ropieee can only use default USB audio drivers that may not give all functionality or in some cases not work at all.

Thank you all.
I also would like to write Focal.
How can I explain in technical terms the driver issue we see?

BTW, there is a Windows 10 driver provided on the products site.
Can this be of help?

No. Linux works completely different when it comes to USB devices.

There is no specific driver for Linux, there is a generic standard (UAC) they need to adhere to.
So it’s not related to RoPieee, but to Linux in general.

So the question to them should be: “when do you guys support Linux properly?”

Or just use a Windows 10 machine. There are many small windows 10 machines that are perfect for running just RoonBridge and drivers. Less than 200 USD for the computer, ram, disk drive, and windows 10 pre-installed.

A whole lot less hassle than trying to convince a manufacturer to change their device to follow the UAC standard.


There are no drivers to be created, just follow the UAC standard.

Update: Focal released a firmware version that fixes the issue