Focus "Added" cannot be bookmarked

I try to create a bookmark with a focus on songs recently added in different genres.
I build my criterias in focus and get the expected tracklist. But if I create a bookmark and open this bookmark again the “Added” criteria is gone.
Looks like a bug.

Can you give us the exact steps involved, so we can try and reproduce it?

Cheers, Greg

No problem

  1. Go to “Tracks” and remove all focus
  2. Open focus
  3. Select a genre
  4. Select “Added in the last month”
  5. Close Focus
    -> Now you see the two criteria above your tracklist
  6. Add Bookmark “test”
  7. Go to bookmarks and select “test”
    -> Now you see only the genre filter and the “Added in the last month” is gone

It works fine for me, although I’m using a different software version than you.

Have you tried restarting your Roon core app?

Maybe someone else can try and reproduce.

Cheers, Greg

I can confirm the behavior noticed by @AE67 with Roon Version 1.2 (build 168) stable (64bit) running on Windows 10. Same behavior after restarting Roon.

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I did and no change. Version is 1.2 Build 168 (64bit) on Windows.

Thanks @AE67 and @Paul_Gessler,

Let’s flag @support to see if they can reproduce this issue and confirm whether it has been fixed in the upcoming version 1.3.

Cheers, Greg

I can reproduce this – thanks for the report, and the nice clear steps :ok_hand:

We’re going to open a ticket, and will hope to squeeze a fix into 1.3 on this.


Just touching base here to let all of you know that the problem was reproduced in house and a fix has been set into place pending the release of 1.3 :tada:

Thank you for your feedback :microscope:


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Sounds great. Thank you.