Focus "added in the last" to go back all years, not just 4

Focus option “Added in the Last…” only allows a detailed time based search for the last 4 years.

I have been adding music to Roon for the last 7 years - since Roon began.

If I want to see what music I added to Roon in March 2018, I can’t. Although I can for March 2020.

This time specific search function should not be arbitrarily limited to 4 years. It should go back to the user’s year zero.

Please make this function as fabulous as the rest of Roon!!

Treating this as “works as designed”, as the Roon team seems to do, may purely on definition be correct. But let’s assume it was an optimization choice in the early Roon days, then let’s compare that to the single byte storage of a calendar year that was used in the seventies. Back in the seventies an engineer might have said “Works as designed”, still in 1999 it was called the Y2K bug.

Just my opinion.

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