Focus - additional criteria

Let’s say I set up a Focus for “Rock” music only and bookmark it. In my case I get a possible playlist of about 1000 albums.

I’d like a feature that would enable me to limit the number of songs that appear. Say 50 songs from the 1000 albums or 100 songs from the 1000 albums. The idea would also be that the 50 or 1000 songs would be chosen randomly each time I pick that bookmarked focus for playback.

That way I’d get a “new” playlist of “Rock” songs each time I open the bookmark.

I realize there are some workarounds for this already within Roon. But I’d like to get to that same smaller random playlist automatically, instead of having to edit my focus group for playback each time I use it.
What can I say, I’m lazy and want the software to do everything for me…

I do know that some competing software has this feature, so it should be possible to add.


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