Focus and Genre mgt

If I Focus on the Classical Genre, will all albums/tracks in Classical sub-genres be included, even if the are not specifically tagged Classical?

For example, a Bach sonata might have the genre Baroque (only) but nested under Classical. Would it be included in the Focus?

Yes. Note that you could also just focus on Baroque if you wished. Those genres with sub-genres have a pull down menu such as this:


I take your “Yes” to mean that by selecting Classical, all Classical sub genres are included even if the album/work does not have Classical as a selected genre. Please let me know if you meant otherwise.

I typically have gone to a subgenre (baroque) and shuffled it if i want only that subgenre. More often, to play some of my classical music randomly, i have a bookmarked a focus on Classical less some subgenres (say opera and 20th C Orch). The question is if my non-opera, non-20thC Orch genre music that does not have Classical as a genre but is nested under Classical, e.g. a work with Solo Piano Romantic as a genre - will play. Seems very complicated to try to explain well. Does it make any sense to someone not familiar with the situation?

Using my picture above, the checked Classical focus will pull up Keyboard, Concerto, Chamber Music, etc. and all subgenres that could not be displayed.

Not that anyone will mind helping, but you can easily perform little experiments with, say, three or four albums, just so you can see it happening.

PS: I think I’m correct in saying that if you see an album’s Classical tag, and you add a Baroque tag, the Classical tag will “disappear” because of its redundancy.

Thanks John. Quite right on a little self experimentation. I was hoping someone might have a quick answer i could leverage.

I can answer your PS. I have Works/Albums with genre tags Classical and Baroque - Classical is NOT removed, as least not visibly.