Focus - Composers; Consistency with Settings/Composers sort by

At the moment there are two aspects of this I dislike -

  1. The list is ordered with the most frequently listed composer first (not particularly useful or helpful)
  2. Non alphabetical with Christian names first.

Like most of us who are classical music buffs, the christian names of composers are not particularly valuable as a search tool. One looks for BEETHOVEN, not Ludwig van Beethoven.

So, why cannot the focus on composers list them in alphabetical order with surnames listed first? But then maybe that is currently possible and I’m missing something?


If you’re talking about the Composers view, the sort can be by Name, Number of Compositions, Most Played (upper right-hand corner), ascending or descending.

In Settings, you also have the option to choose to sort by either first name or last name.

Yes I have the setting set up this way already but that does not seem to translate to the Focus I’m referring to.

Hi John,

Are you referring to this Album/Focus-Composer selection box ?

As I understand it, you’d like to be able to toggle that box between being ordered by number of albums and alphabetical ordering, retaining the setting for Composers name.

Correct. That is where I’ve been looking.

I’ve brought your post into Feature Requests and will change the title slightly so the devs can pick it up. Let’s flag @mike also and see if consistency of treatment of Composer name setting can be achieved here.

And with it possible to easily focus on a composer, it would then be useful to be able to narrow it down to select a subgroup using tags one has used. This would make locating a particular album much easier that using the search function, which like the one in Sooloos, is a bit limited.

Suppose I wished to find a particular disc of a Beethoven Quartet but, for the life of me, cannot remember the artist involved.
Focus Composers -> list of all the Beethoven recordings in the library (and that can be very large)
If I could then further specify a further focus on tags, and on the “Chamber” tag in particular, the list would be much reduced and I might then recognise the cover of the album in mind and then select it it listen to that work.

What is described above would also be an alternative way of listing all particular works for comparison (which could be better than the search function).
Example: Focus on Shostakovich -> “Concertos” would give a list of them to listen to to compare.

Thanks Andy.

Where exactly does one access that “Features Request”? I cannot see it in the list of topics and it really should be clearly visible.

Feature Requests is a sub-category of Roon Software.

You can apply multiple filters (and invert them by clicking +) to a single focus search. Albums/Composer/Beethoven AND Tag/Chamber can be done now.

The logic for multiple filters is OR within a tool and AND between different tools.


But dummy me cannot do this so please give more specific directions on the order of what to do …

Does not seem to work for me. Here is what Focus - Beethoven - Chamber yielded:

Nothing to do with Beethoven!!

Yes I am dumb - nothing to do with Baroque & Early either!!!

Very odd, unless your library really doesn’t have much Beethoven :wink: or the Composer tag is not populated properly in your files.

I did the same Focus query against my library and got back 100 or so albums, all of which were either solely Beethoven or contained tracks by Beethoven.

Of course, Beethoven was neither ‘Baroque’ nor ‘Early’, so you may have excluded a large number of albums that were classified something else (e.g., ‘Classical’, ‘Romantic’, ‘Symphonic’, etc.).

Silly me checked Baroque & Early tag instead of Chamber.

Now I’m trying to remember what I did to try again!!!

Finally got it.

Correct me if I’m wrong"

Then (the bit that kept eluding me) the symbol on the right of the heart top left which reveals all the tags
Select tag
-> 81 albums

The above is not intuitive unless I’m missing the obvious.

Or is there a simpler approach?

An alternative way of skinning the cat might be to use Focus within the Compositions browser - there you have both the Forms (e.g. concerto, quartet) and Composer as main selection criteria?

Or go to Composer-Beethoven, filter for quartets (involves typing in a filter box), then browse.