Focus does not include 'Opera' genre

Using the Focus function to select a specific genre, I cannot find ‘Opera’, instead, albums that have the tag opera seem to be included within ‘Classical’, although tag import and mapping settings appear correct.

Hey @Richard_Jeffrey — Thanks for reaching out!

Opera should be listed as a sub-genre underneath Classical. If you click select the blue arrow next to Classical it should let you select specific sub-genre’s that you can use with Focus.


Are you able to see Opera as a sub-genre here?


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Thank you for the response.

I would have thought that Roon would be sufficiently flexible for me to define my own hierarchy.

The suggested way to access my ‘Opera’ genre seems somewhat clunky (as is the filtering process generally).

Hello @Richard_Jeffrey — Thanks for your feedback here! It’s always appreciated.

Roon does allow for you to modify the genre hierarchy if you’d like. Using Opera as an example, here’s what you’d do:

  1. Go to Genres from the navigation menu.
  2. Go to Classical.
  3. In the Subgenres section, select (right-click) Opera, click the three dots menu button, and select Edit.
  4. The top setting is Parent Genre. Select the Edit checkbox, Choose Genre, and then Make Top-Level Genre.

Now, when using focus, you should see Opera listed as a top level genre option for you to select.

Hope this helps!


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