Focus does not remember the last setting

I’m curating my files, so I filter with Focus to hide the Tidal albums from the list. There was a time when Roon remembered that and the next time I opened it the filter was still there. But since the summer update I have to set the Focus EVERY TIME is this supposed to happen? can I fix it?


Strange. On my system, it retains the last setting.

Hi @macaumetal — Sorry for the late reply here.

What page is this happening on? Does it happen on every page with Focus?

How are you navigating to the page? Using the navigation buttons or directly from the menu?

You might also try using a Bookmark for things like this so you can easily return to a specific page.

Hi @dylan it happens on the “albums” section. I set the focus to exclude the Tidal library, close Roon, and when I open it again later or the next day there’s no filter. Maybe it’s a new behavior but it used to remember the last instance.
I haven’t tried on another page, and I don 't navigate since I open Roon and filter because I’m going album by album in order to correct metadata.
I’ll pay more attention to be more specific

Thanks, @macaumetal.

Does this happen with all remotes? Can you give us some info about your Core and the remote(s) you’re using?

Next time it happens, please let use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service) and we can take a look.

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Try this to switch on/off one focus criteria (click the + sign then click again to put the focus back), it does the trick for me (though i use this in a bookmarks scenario).

that’s what I’m doing, I’m “subtracting” the Tidal library. But if I close Roon, when I open it I have to filter it again, it doesn’t remember I did it last session.