Focus Filter - MQA ORIGINAL sample rate

I cannot find any information on this, I want to use Focus to create some HiRes 96khz playlists.

Why wouldn’t Focus use original sample rate either via it’s own analysis or metadata? My collection is MQA so it is reporting I only have 5 albums at 96khz which is incorrect.

You may want to post this in a feature request

I’ve moved the topic over to #roon:feature-requests.

I too think is would be a useful tool to have in focus, but I see it as a separate criteria to what we have now for PCM files, perhaps MQA should have it’s own focus section to be able to filter original sample rate.

For example:

  • MQA 44k1
  • MQA 96k
  • MQA 192k
  • MQA …
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Ok so it wasn’t available, I didn’t post as a feature as I was asking if it was already.

Stuff is so tricky to find, it has taken me a a month to figure out that focus is only available when the screen is large enough, eg desktop. And I use linux so didn’t have the app until last week.

Roon is all about the app, and a good tablet lets you have the full experience. Phones are ok to get stuff playing but never intended for the full experience due to lack of real estate…

Or due to Roons lack of UI planning and wasted real estate.

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Unfortunately I agree with @Simon_Arnold3 here, this is poor UI planning.

The UI sticks of addon after addon of feature and needs a ground up overhaul. I mean who really want’s to carry a dedicated tablet around their home just to manage music. Kids call me to change something in another room and I have to go and grab the tablet?

Everyone in this community needs to stop making excuses for the development team, and the development team needs to stop making excuses for their mistakes.

It is fine to make mistakes, the issue everyone has is not owning up to them and addressing the issues going forward.

I wonder how many people here have listened to the recent podcast with the Roon guys?
It’s well worth a listen to understand where they are coming from and some hints for the future…

I’ve heard enough from them to know they don’t give a toss about what users think so I don’t think I’ll bother with that :slight_smile:

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