Focus Filtering


Was playing with Focus features and was hoping it had a feature that would allow one to sort on more than condition. So for example, under labels if I wanted to see what albums are in Rhino OR Chess, this is not possible. A similar issue exist in sub genres - If I choose album rock and jazz-rock, for example, the software does a logical AND with a result of only a few albums, While this is a good feature, there are times when one would like to view both the album rock and Jazz rock albums, a logical OR. This is especially useful when setting up a list of albums to shuffle.

Additionally, can the focus feature be used on the full Qobuz or Tidal libraries?



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Under Tracks view there is a Storage Location Focus option (near bottom)


But that seems to only allow one to filter based on Qobuz albums in one’s library and not filter for say all Rhino albums in Qobuz, or am I seeing something wrong?

Sorry, you are correct (I only have Tidal and local) Verified this morning. So not sure how, or if, you can focus streaming service offerings

Thought that was one of the features mentioned in the 1.8 video?

I rewatched the1.8 intro video and at about the 2 minute mark, an example using the Miles Davis discography, shows the use of focus in a streaming service. I made the assumption that any starting point could be used, ie record label and all the albums from ie Prestige on Qobuz and/or Tidal would be shown and the focus tool would the sort/filter from there. To me, that would be cool.

Additionally, I tried the Miles Davis example and there is no ability to sort/filter by release date. Is this a bug?