Focus Filters: Exclude albums I own

I want to find albums that are in my streaming accounts but are also not in my local library.

Every focus combo I try seems to fail to do this? It can show me what I have on streaming but it doesn’t exclude the ones that I have local copies of.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Oh, now I get your question, sorry

I’ve remember I wanted operations but did not find how to do it.
Basically you want +Streaming -Local -Streaming∩Local

hope someone knows how to do it

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That’s exactly it, can’t seem to find a way to do it but it would be weird if Focus can’t do it.

I’m adding some local tracks to try and play around, it is weird for focus not to do it. I remembered I wanted this for Tags

Dunno if is going to work

Select all +streaming +local +duplicates and Add a tag (local in my screenshots)
Go to +streaming tag -local


Nice one! Worked a treat, thanks for the assist :slight_smile:

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Great, hope it works as expected. If roon will reconize and group them as versions all is good.

Happy to help
All the best

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