Focus for album not in Library

Hi there,

I use Roon with local files and with Qobuz.

These days I’m into music from the 60’s / 70’s, so I’d like to discover more music of that time.
When using the focus function I can easily find albums from those years inside my Library but is there any way to search for albums outside my Library using Focus?

How do you guys find new music with specific attributes?
Let’s say I like “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” and want to discover music music in the same genre from those years, except for Roon’s suggestions how do I go about it?

Focus for library only.
If you bring up the Album it has stuff underneath it related to discovery

Yes I know about that functionality, I just wish there was a way to search more precisely for stuff outside my Library and was wondering if anybody knows how to.

You can’t in Roon. You move your research to Google.

If this did exist, what would you want to focus on?

Labels, genre, original release date ranges, is what I’d be interested in.


Same as Rugby, most of which you can do in Qobuz app.

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Mostly year and genre I would say.

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Of course that’s an option but wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to search like that inside roon since its such a nice looking software?
It’d be kinda like going to the music store.
That why I like roon, cause it gives me the same feeling I had when I used to buy CDs and read the album cover while listening to the album.