Focus for Artist Images

In the recent update that incorporated Art Director, the option to focus on artists with an image was removed. I used to use that frequently to find artists the didn’t have an image, and add images as I added new music. Instead of browsing through 2,286 artists, I could simply focus on the ones that needed an image added. I think that feature should be put back in Roon for that explicit purpose. In addition, it might be useful to add a focus on self-added images vs images in Valence. When enough images accumulate in Valence, one could use focus to find the self-added images and change them to Valence images as the quality of the images becomes acceptable.

Very frustrating how things like this are simply (and needlessly) removed on the quiet.

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I think the plan and reality are two very different things. There are so many artists out there, some quite obscure (particularly in the jazz genre). Being able to identify those artists quickly and easily when I add a new album would be quite helpful. Then I could help out all of the Roon community by adding an image to Valence. All I’m suggesting is putting the function back to be able to find artists without images. It was there before, why take it out if it’s still useful?

Roon actually doesn’t know anymore, as the data no longer lives in it’s database. It’s loaded on the fly from Art Director, and new images are loaded on the fly as you need them.

We plan on adding something like this to Art Director itself, instead of in Roon.

It won’t be exactly the same, but it’ll be close.

Thanks for the heads up Danny.