Focus for Playlists

New at Roon… and enjoying it a lot, thank you! One big disappointment though. I can add personal tags to tracks, which is great. But I can not use focus to use those tags to make a selection within a playlist. Not even if I have made a local copy of the (e.g. Tidal) playlist. This makes the tags just a not very useful one-dimensional way of looking at things. If I can choose a playlist (say ‘Dancing’) and then focus on one (or more) personal tags (say ‘Romantic’, ‘Wild’, ‘To start the party’, ‘Eighties’…)… that would be such a huge improvement. And of course, it would be even better if I could specify whether it is ‘Wild’ AND ‘Eighties’ that I want, or ‘Wild’ OR ‘Eighties’. If there already is a way to do this kind of thing which I have not discovered yet… please let me know.

Three weeks later and a lot wiser about what Roon has to offer and what it hasn’t, I still think it would be a good idea to be able to use focus within a playlist. I have playlists of hundreds of tracks - playlists are my favorite way of enjoying music. My Roon experience would be so much more fun if features and functionality of playlists were treated as a higher priority. Lots of the things that make Roon really interesting, don’t work for or within playlists… or only if you are willing to jump through a bunch of complicated extra hoops.