Focus for Roon Radio (Valence radio, not live radio)

It would be nice if we could start a Roon Radio session using Focus instead of a single artist, album or track.

For example, play Radio using Focus on pop/rock, 1960-1970, four stars, picks, or whatever other criteria.

You can do this now on albums/tracks in your library, but it doesn’t look out into the entire library of your connected streaming service which Roon Radio can do.

Being able to bookmark it would be a bonus.

The Best part of Roon Radio, the ultimate discovery “tool”, is it’s lack of granular filtering. IMHO, I disagree. Let’s let Roon finish fixing the repeats, and hope it never changes. My favoutite feature.

Go into your queue, select all, and save Radio as a Playlist.

Does that get dynamically updated?

@SKBubba , Playlists are a fixed group of music selected by the listener. I don’t know of any Playlist that’s dynamically updated; manually yes, but dynamically no.

Yes, my point exactly.