Focus: how to create "OR' lists of artists

In Sooloos, several entries of the same type were OR-ed, while different types were AND-ed. So I could make a focus list of multiple artists.

Does the same capability exist in Roon? If so, how do I enter it?

Enter Focus using / on keyboard or Icon

Scroll to right hand side where you will see a box called “performers”

Enter the name of the 1st artist in the filter field…or scroll down till you see it

Then enter the name of the 2nd artist in the filter and click select

The above will give you all albums for both selected artists

If you want, you can click on the “+” sign next to each artist’s name at the top of the screen, that will turn the icon a different colour as well as removing that Artist name from the Focus…e.g. click on Miles Davis and John Coltrane in the Performer focus box…and allow + to stay next to Miles Davis, but click on the + next to John Coltrane will turn it into a “-”…This would return all Miles Davis Albums, that didn’t have Coltrane on them…terrible example, but you get the idea

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Ah. Didn’t see that because I was on the artist page. Not on the composer page either.
But I guess that’s reasonable.

@Ronnie, I recall that is the example that Meridian used so long ago…

Skip to the 1:34 mark--

In your above example you would have to make two bookmarks, one for the +Miles Davis and -John Coltrane and -Miles Davis and +John Coltrane. Which works, but what if you wanted list of albums created from each of those bookmarks?

I made a thread that is close to this topic of boolean statements (AND, OR, NOT) here Nested Bookmarks

@o0OBillO0o (Man, your tag is difficult to type…)

I remember when I first got into Sooloos how impressed I was by that example.
And in my five years as a happy Sooloos user, I have never done anything resembling that.
We are often bad at forecasting our own needs.

That is why I am putting so much emphasis on following links, like “this is an awesome bassist, what else has he done?” And ad hoc grouping, which means tags. I keep saying “serendipitous discovery”, not musicology.

But people are different…

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No need for Bookmarks

Simply go to Focus…Performers…Add Miles and Coltrane to Filter…and then use the resultant Plus / Minus Symbols to create the exact filter you want

First Screenshot is “Albums with Miles Davis, Miles Davis Quintet and John Coltrane as Artist” = 176 Albums in my library

Second Screenshot is “Albums with Miles Davis, Miles Davis Quintet and but NOT John Coltrane as Artist” = 86 Albums in my library

Third Screenshot is “Albums with John Coltrane as Artist, but NOT Miles Davis” = 60 Albums in my library

That is a fact! :smile:

@Ronnie, your example is pictoral what I wrote.

You need to create bookmarks to return to each of those screens or re-enter the focus. I know the AND would be your first picture and would have both in one, but a bookmark is a kind of a saved focus- It would be interesting to a have a focus of focuses (foci?)

Sorry Bill…no need for Bookmarks…simply follow the instructions as I wrote them

Bookmarks NOT Necessary as you can create the Focus so quickly

The above Screens took me about 5 seconds to create the first one…with each subsequent screen being possible by clicking on the Plus / Minue Symbol next to the Artist Name…worth trying for yourself to see how quick it is

@Ronnie Cool. That’s how you do it, and it works!

Yeah @Ronnie, I just hate albums with both Miles and 'trane performing together too ;-).

Yes, an extreme hardship indeed!!!

If I were to ever perform a ‘focus’ like the above in real life, then you have permission to shoot me…even though I would deserve something much more drawn out and painful!! :wink: