Focus Improvement

I’d like to see a way to focus on a null result. For instance, sometimes when I add an album I may forget to add a genre or a date or some other metadata that I frequently use to develop bookmarks or playlists. I’d like to be able to periodically focus my library on the null result; ie: show me all albums that have no genre. Currently the only way to do it is to focus on all genres (I currently have 26) and then negate them all. If you’re looking for an album that has no release date, I don’t believe there’s any way to do that. There’s no way to negate a release date. There should be a way to focus on null data.

Are you sure?

The albums this found seem to be mostly unidentified, but have a date added of course.

Never mind my rant. I just found the focus criteria in the Inspector section. As usual Roon was way ahead of me. Just a question though. Does anyone know what dates are focused when selecting the Has Date criteria in Inspector? Is it Original Release Date, Release Date, Recording Date, etc, any or all of these?

It’s any date.

In case you haven’t check genres, you can do this too.

Interesting. So if it’s any date it doesn’t serve much purpose considering how many dates are part of typical metadata. Not sure how I would use it to focus my library.

Happy to see you found your solutions, but there are still things missing from the focus that I would love seeing, for example dynamic range. The data is there…


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