Focus issue: after having focused on an album tag, further selections ignore the previous focus results

Let me explain my issue. I select an album tag holding a number of albums. I then go to the “View all” dropdown menu and select “View all compositions”. I am then presented with a list of compositions recorded in this set of albums. This list acts as a “catalog” of the album contents, a very nice feature.

Having seen this composition list, my next wish is to listen to one of those, for ex. Beethoven Symphony no. 9. After tapping on this composition, I am presented with the list of ALL Beethoven 9th in my library which numbers over 100+ recordings, whereas I would have expected to see the recordings coming from the album list I started from (of which there is a lot less). So I have to search again, trying to identify an album from my starting set. Needless to say, a very tedious and annoying operation, which could have been avoided if only the Roon search engine had not forgotten the album set I initially started with.

I consider this to be a major flaw, which makes the focus tool almost useless to search for a recording of a given composition among a set of albums. Does anybody have a workaround for this ? Could the roon team (@support ?) have a fix ?