Focus: My Never Played Albums [Solved]

I want to create/bookmark a Focus that contains my never played albums.

For me an album is never played if:

  • It was added to Roon after the 1st of August 2016, this is after the date I installed Roon and had my initial import. And…
  • It is never played according to my Roon history.

Yesterday the Focus looked like this:

The problem is that there is a fixed end date, when the Focus is saved and used the other day new added albums are out of focus. What I would like to have is ‘- Played’ and ‘+ Added ≥ 2 Aug 2016’.

Can this be achieved? Greater/equal selection can be done with the Years focus.

IMHO, the simplest way to achieve what you state above is to set the “Played in the Last…” to “1 Year” [as this is obviously before August 1, 2016]

And then simply click the ‘+’ sign in front of “Played” to ‘-’

This will give you all the Albums not played in the last 12 months

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Hi Jan,

Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think it’s necessary to include a date range at all. Just use the " - Played" you have in your screenshot and Roon will always just look for albums which have never had a song played since you initially imported your library.

Cheers, Greg

You have to choose one of the Options in the “Played in the last…” drop down box in order to generate the “Played” filter…which is why I suggested the 12 month option [even though the 6 month option would also work, but only for another 2 weeks until Feb 1st, hence my 12 month suggestion]

Thanks for the suggestions.

What I try to achieve is that I can differentiate between the albums that I never played in Roon (i.e. ‘- Played’) vs. the albums that I never played since the day I bought them (independent of Roon). For this I consider all albums that were part of the initial import as ‘played in my pre-Roon era’ and I want to exclude them. For this reason I want to add the ‘+ Added ≥ 2 Aug 2016’ part to the focus.

I hope it’s a bit more clear now.

Well, I’m stumped. Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Cheers, Greg

Can you not just do a double focus, first on albums added since date x and then invert played in last year.


I don’t believe it’s possible within Roon at the moment to satisfy this very specific criteria…i.e of wanting ONLY those Albums added after the initial Roon install…and that the “criteria” remains “dynamic” to include the current date

I think the best you can do is to save the Focus as you currently have it in your first post…but then when you re-open it again on e.g. Jan 20th next, that you simply modify the Added Criteria to include up to the current date using the ‘dragging’ method you used to create your first screen above

I think I have it.

I have to invert a filter on the initial import date in combination with not played.

Thanks guys.


If you just select played all time under played in the last and invert that does that not do it?

Trying to illustrate what Jan is looking to do with numbers that I’m using for illustration only

August 1, 2016: Jan imported 1,000 Albums into Roon

Since August to Now: Jan has added another 100 Albums

Jan’s “question” to Roon is…“Please display ONLY from the 100 Albums added since Aug 1st, the Albums that I haven’t played at all”

And his latest query format above appears to satisfy those 2 criteria…i.e

a) Not Played at all

b) Only Albums NOT added on August 1st last [i.e. date of Roon installation and initial import]

which should display 100 Albums LESS the Albums that he has played…e.g. 100 minus 62 = 38

Jan can confirm or otherwise that the above interpretation is correct

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Thanks @Ronnie, that’s exactly it.

I hope your example makes it clear to everyone (using some numbers, why haven’t I thought about that? :slight_smile: )

hi @Jan_Koudijs I am missing where the “added” option is, can you give me a hand?

That is the Focus screen. Go to albums, click Focus

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