FOCUS not showing all multichannel albums

I’ve ripped a number of SACDs along with having a combo of downloaded HD audio files (Flac format usually) that are multichannel. When I view these albums individually in Roon I see them correctly displayed as having the 2.0 version and the 6 channel version grouped together. However, when I use Focus: Format to filter and see all my multichannel albums I only see a smaller subset. FORMAT only gives me 5.0 or 5.1 as the choices and even if I select both I still don’t see albums that I know have a multichannel version associated with them. Roon lists these albums when view as ‘6ch’, but I can find no option to filter on this metadata other than the Focus Format option. Anyone have any suggestions here? I want to be able to easily get to just the multichannel albums when listening from my surround home theater, and ideally would have a saved Focus setting that would show up in the iOS Roon app automatically. Just looking for some guidance. Thank you!

you could use a tag on each 6 channel album.

You mention the stereo and MCH versions are grouped, so Roon might consider the MCH version a duplicate and “hide” it. If that’s the case, there would be a couple different ways to make the MCH versions visible in Focus again:

  • Show hidden albums: If you want to see both versions, you can change “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” to Yes under General in your Roon settings. You can then undo this setting later when you just want to see the primary versions in your search results.

  • Change the primary version for each album: For each album, click the “Versions” tab and make sure the MCH version has been selected as primary. My assumption is that the 2.0 version is the primary version for the “missing” MCH albums. This approach will then “hide” the 2.0 versions for these albums in Focus, though.

Thanks for this @nate_c. I will try it. However, I think Roon should change who this works. I listen to my stereo versions more than the multichannel so that is why I have those as primary. But when I am in my HT room I want easy access to just the surround versions, hence my wanting to bookmark a Focus view with just those albums. I could of course go back and tag each MC album as was suggested earlier, but I’d really think this should be easier. So I guess I will try the Show Hidden option, but I’d prefer to not turn this on and off since my MC listening is often adhoc/in the moment kind of thing and having to make config changes just to get easy access to MC versions is a PIA.

I run with Show Hidden set to yes. Then I have a Bookmark based on focusing on 5.1 content. Works for me to get instant access to MCH material fast. I also add (5.1) to the album title so when normal browsing I can see in a flash which is which.

Thanks. Good suggestions. Will go this route.

I agree. It would be nice if Roon could “hide” duplicates on the GUI, but include them in the search results for a situation like this. @Rugby’s idea is the best solution I’ve heard so far.

I agree Nate. It would be nice to be able to tag specific albums that would be returned on a tag search even when hidden. That sounds like a great Feature Request. :wink: