Focus on album Version

I’d like to be able to set up a Focus Search for albums and have the album Version be one of the criteria. To my knowledge, there is no way to do that at present.

On somebody’s suggestion, I marked a Tidal albums as MQA in the Version field instead of a tag, and then I couldn’t find them. They are now doubly marked.

Ditto. It’s the MQA marking that inspired my FR.


Any thoughts or progress on this?

We have some work planned for Focus, so I just made a note that we should add this when we’re in that code.

Just note that I don’t have any timeline right now for when that work is going to happen.

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Hey @mike, I realize this is an old thread but wanted to know if there’s any chance for this feature to be released anytime soon. Focusing by Album Version would be very useful to me. Thanks!

Would this be an alternative to grouping different versions of the same album? Trying to envision what I’d use this focus for.

Aggregating all the different versions for a Focus → VERSION category may produce a significant list to crawl through.

BUT … Including VERSION is filtering may be an easier alternative to implement. And while mentioning it, filtering/focus by “Dynamic range” is similarly missing.