Focus on albums that are in both qobuz and local library

I have a bunch of albums that are in my local library and that have also been added from qobuz. I would like to remove the qobuz versions and keep the local versions. I also have qobuz versions that aren’t in my local library that I’d like to keep. Is there any way to use tags and or focus or something to do that?

You can use Focus to identify albums in your “Qobuz library” and local library by selecting (in Focus) Inspector>Storage Locations. From there, try sorting the list by album name to find matches, and cleaning up as you desire. Hope it helps -

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I believe the easiest way to do this is to Focus > Inspector > Duplicates.

This should find most of them.

Cheers, Greg

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Thanks. That’s what I was trying but didn’t think of sorting.

This works. Did not notice the ‘duplicates’ option in inspector. Thanks.

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Ok, I got all the duplicates cleaned up, but…

There are still a few hanging around (album view shows album in both local and qobuz), but when I select the Qobuz version, it isn’t really in the library and there’s an option to add it to the library, and no option to delete it. So view all albums thinks it’s there but the individual album viw doesn’t. They also don’t show up in focus -> inspector -> duplicates.

I did a library cleanup, force rescan, and library cleanup again, and they’re still there.

No big deal, just reporting…

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