Focus on albums that do not have a version on TIDAL

Is this currently possible somehow? I know I could tag these manually but I have a large collection so would not prefer to do that.

Try using the albums browser and Focus > Inspector > storage locations > Tidal.
This gives you a green “Tidal library” tag. Click this to turn it red and make it exclude the tidal albums.

When you’re done, add a bookmark so you can easily return. This will be dynamic and always show an up-to-date listing.

Thanks, however this seems to be basically the same as focusing on Internal Storage? What I would like is to focus on the albums I have locally that are not available (in any version) on TIDAL.

I don’t have streaming service to try this BUT create Focus as Brian suggested and within same focus select Inspector / Storage Location (leaving both positive).

This combo may work.


Thanks, I tried your suggestion but unfortunately that did not seem to work either…

Thinking about this more, I suppose the kind of view I would like to have would not make sense in an up-to-date way. Roon would have to query TIDAL for every album in my local collection, and this would take a long time.

However, I would be happy with a cached view, with TIDAL availability data being slowly checked in the background. This would still be better than having to manually tag and keep checking for availability for my entire collection.

Now I understand what you want, I’m pretty sure it can’t be done with Roon at present.
We would need 3 focus terms for local albums

  1. Those with no other versions
  2. Those with versions in your library (can be done via duplicates)
  3. Those with versions not in your library.

You want to be comparing cases 1 and 3 and note when an album moves from one to the other…

If we had a method for case 1, then with a bit of Boolean jiggery pokery, I think we could do it.

But we don’t, so we can’t.

So I guess this should be filed under feature requests then!

This would be a great feature for finding out which albums

  1. are “rare”
  2. are most critical to back up
  3. can not be listened to without access to the local versions.

Please go ahead - that’s what it for!

Would love to just move this topic to the Feature Requests category, but can not figure out the way to do it.

@aleksip Moved it for you. All you do to move it is go to top and click on the pencil, then change the area you want it in

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@CrystalGipsy Thank you! Also thank you @BrianW and @David_Boyd for your suggestions and comments.

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Please keep in mind that while the album may be “the same”, the mastering and the sound may not be. For example, if you had a Genesis “Duke” CD from 1990s, that would be the rare one to make sure you back up, bacause in 2007 they changed the sound of the CD completely. What you hear streamed today sounds nothing like the original album.

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