Focus on Composition Year

Since Roon is bringing extended composition metadata in I was thinking it would be very nice to have the possibility to select compositions being composed either in a specific year or in a specific decade.

I was trying to achieve this via setting Focus or via filtering the Composition view, but neither offers me the possibility to narrow down by compositon year. I think this could enhance the experience for many classical music lovers.

The other day I was listening to Berlioz Symphonie fantastique which was composed in 1830 and I thought how interesting it would be to compare it to compositions from other composers in 1830. Is that possible and Iā€™m missing it?
I can sort by year on the composition list, but with 20.000+ compositions to browse through this makes no sense to me.



Great idea!

I think this would be something that would be useful for other genres, too.

Fantastic idea.