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Hello there

I use a bookmark “all favorites”: it is a focus with all the “heart” songs. However, I would like to had a condition: play songs only once or don’t play song already played.

Is it possible and how?

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That is a great idea. I will be making this bookmark when I get home :slight_smile:

Hi @Gigatoaster,

Can you elaborate on how you’re wanting this to work? Do you mean that, once played, you want it to be removed from the focus? Or are you looking for songs that are favorited but have no plays?

There are a couple of options here if the goal is to play songs that haven’t been played from this list. You can sort by Plays or Last Played to find tracks that haven’t been played and are favorited. You just have to add those fields to the list and then sort appropriately:


For point 1 I have a bookmark “remaining songs”. I actually played all my 8k tracks, just 5 or 6 left.

What I would like is when I use my “all favorites” bookmark it uses Radio but it’s often playing the same songs. I have a feeling it’s using a Pareto Law and it’s playing always the same 20% tracks of the bookmark. I’d like more diversity and more randomness by introducing a condition like: “if track already played in the queue or “ played yesterday” don’t play it again.

Is that currently possible?

Hope that clarifies. Note that I don’t use streaming, only local library.

Hi @Gigatoaster,

Can you confirm how you’re starting playback of the Focus? What does the queue look like when you press play? Can you share a screenshot of this?

So I go in my bookmark and click on “shuffle”.

For instance this song was played 3 hours ago and is going to be played again later:

Same with other songs like Success, Don’t and Two stick… that I heard earlier today.

Hi @Gigatoaster,

How many tracks total are in the queue? Does it match up with the total number of tracks in the bookmark?

When you look at your bookmark do these tracks appear multiple times?

I have to click on the thumb to match the number of tracks on the bookmark so right now I just have these:

The track “A Night…” was played twice yesterday, as the track from Led Zeppelin, too.

When I click 40 times on the thumb up no duplicates but if I leave it, some previous tracks are played again.

Not sure if that makes sense.

Hi @Gigatoaster,

Thanks for the additional details. I’ve passed this in a ticket along to our team for further investigation. We appreciate the feedback!

Hello there

I think it was because I restarted the bookmark every time that I had duplicates. Now, I’m playing the same bookmark and all songs seem to be played once.

There is a lack of randomness, though but I flagged that issue several times but I seem to be the only one to be bothered by it.

Hello there
Any updates?

I keep playing the same Favorite bookmark but it repeats some tracks. Is there a way to play remaining tracks?

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