Focus on Remote (iPhone)

Focus is the most valuable feature in Roon.
It is all I ever wanted to organize and manage my large library.
Unfortunately its not present on iPhone Remote, tho I am bound to have my notebook at hand for my listening sessions compromising the experience.

Do you have plans to include focus on Remote?


Definitely a big +1! :smiley:

+1 from me too

Yup, we definitely have plans to include focus on mobile.


This is still not available, or did I miss something?

+1 from me then!

+1 for this

focus i such a good feature, and on my iphone, its not possible…

Abother missing feature on phone mode is the extension tab… Meaning i cannot control my alarms on the iphone…

Please add both on phone mode :slight_smile:

+1 from me also …

Missing on mobile apps :unamused:

@Brian2 It’s been over 2 years since you stated there are plans to add that. Any update on that please.


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Strong +1 for me

I am a Roon newbie. Reading the post I understand that the Focus feature is not available thru Roon Remote. So what are the means to use it ?!


It’s not available on the phone versions but is available on Tablet or Pc remote. One other feature is only available on pc and that’s uploading custom filters to the DSP engine other than that tablet and pc are the same, phone is limited due to it lack of screen coverage, or is the excuse that is used in this case.

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Many thanks. But what is the URL to access these features? I tried but I only got to see the current track playing. What did I do wrong?


There is no url, display feature is for now playing only it offers nothing else it’s for those that want to see artwork and lyrics on a big screen. True remotes are apps you install on phone, tablet or pc.

Mobile apps as 1st class citizens. Coming up on the 4th anniversary. Happy Feature to you.
Don’t hold your breath.

I just figured out a sort-of workaround for this issue, maybe some of you will find it useful:

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I would love to see this feature! When will it be available?!

I also select the focus on Mac, bookmark it and display it on iPhone.

Is this feature available in 1.8? I don’t see why this it is so hard a UI feature?
Not everyone is walking around with an iPad or Mac all the time. We must have feature parity between desktop and mobile.