'Focus on Similar' question from beginner

New user with Roon trial and I have a Qobuz subscription. When I play a track from my library and use ‘Focus on Similar’… it looks in my local CD library but not Qobuz. Is that correct? It would be much more interesting if it looked in Qobuz too. Thanks

@anp Try playing the track you want then let ‘radio’ take over, to switch radio on click on the queue icon bottom right of the playing screen and switch ‘start after the music ends’ to on this will then play similar tracks to the original from Tidal and or Qobuz depending on if you have a subscription and your library, you can restrict it to just your library via the 3 dots at the top of the the queue screen but by default this is not enabled.

OK thanks

But Focus on Similar? Is it meant to search Qobuz?

My understanding is that it is just your library.

Thanks you

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