Focus on Storage Location

When I’m in Artists and I Focus on Storage location, why is it showing albums for all storage locations?

This lack of intelligent filtering between albums and artists and vice versa is slowly turning me off of Roon. It seems the only solution to truelly segregate music is to purchase multiple Roon licenses.

I just checked and it’s working as designed for me. If I select a storage location in Focus I see only the albums in that location.

What’s it doing for you? Can you post screen shots?

As I said in my post I apply the filter at the Artists level not the Albums level.

When I’m in Artists and I Focus on Storage Locations, it shows me the artists who are in the focussed storage location. You ask “why is it showing albums for all storage locations?”. I presume you mean that after focussing in Artists you then switch to the Album Browser and want the Artist Focus you just had to still apply - to be global - correct?

This is something that came up very early in the design of Roon. I’m sure @brian can say more, but I suspect it was too complex a mechanism for the first release, but could be built in a later version. It would surely though require an entirely re-engineered interface.

I’d welcome it too, but I doubt it’d be quick coming.

Yes, you’ve got it now.

When I select a filter on a parent I expect it’s children to be filtered as well, I develop on top of relational databases all day. I assume Roon’s design choices were made for performance reasons.

Unfortunately it’s kicking me in my butt right now as I try to view my music collection as a more manageable subset.

Is it really that difficult to choose the same focus in albums?

If it did as you suggest I’d imagine we’d have lots of posts here saying, all my Pink Floyd albums have disappeared!


No it’s easy, but I’m dealing with 10,000 plus albums. I want another level of grouping the artist.