Focus on tags gives wrong results

I have exactly the same issue, seeing the correct genres when selecting them directly from the main menu but seeing incorrect ones when using Focus. For instance, I see, among many incorrect others, Oleta Adams, Anita Baker, Jan Akkerman and Gabriela Anders when I focus on Electronic and none of these albums have an electronic tag nor a mapping to it. Even when I add the Electronic tag, save the file, remove it again and save again (all the while witnessing the label appear and disappear), Focus keeps displaying the album.

Strangely, the other genres seem to be ok.

Update: after disabling “Use genres from Roon’s database” thus using only the embedded tags and letting the library work through the changes,all looks as it should (no more Oleta Adams under Electronic in Focus. But as soon as I enabled it again, Oleta came back.

I think this is unlikely given your artists, but to check, do any of the following genres appear in your problem albums? They will all cause an electronic focus to work.

Hi Brian,

None of those tags appear in the problem albums.

Below is a view of the first Album page with “Use genres from Roon’s database” disabled, thus using only the embedded tags. This view is correctly displaying only the Electronic genre.

Below is what I see when “Use genres from Roon’s database” is re-enabled:

As you can see above, various non-Electronic albums appear. Let’s take Oleta Adams, 3D and Acoustic Alchemy as examples. These are Soul/Smooth-Jazz styles and they do not have the Electronic label nor any of the associated labels that you suggested.

Hi Brian,

Is there a way to fully reset the Genre Mappings in Roon? I have looked at the section and can see that all genres are correctly mapped straight through. Importantly, only the Electronic Genre is mapped to Electronic. However, I did play with this section many years ago. Could there be a remnant incorrect connection deep inside the database?

I don’t know of a way other than the nuclear re-installing option.

I added the Oleta Adams album from Tidal, and it did not show up when focussing on electronic, so your idea of some leftover on your electronic genre editing may be right.

If you go to the genres browser, and select electronic, then sub-genres then view all, you can
a) check if any odd genres are there
b) check where Oleta appears.

Going to genre browse, selecting electronic and view all, I see only genres that belong in the category. No R&B/Soul-like ones. Checking the most obvious sub-genres, I don’t see Oleta Adams anywhere.

Oh well, I’ll stick to my own genres for now and leave a reinstall for another day. Thanks for your help so far.

Don’t forget that sub-genres can also have sub-genres (and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are further levels down). It’s a bit of a pain that we can’t see the whole genre network in an overview navigation screen…

True and appreciated Geoff. But even if I did find the album deep inside the electronic genre it would not solve the issue. This is only one of many soul/jazz albums that appear incorrectly.

Try this.
In the albums browser, focus on artist > Oleta.
Still in focus, go to genre. This will automatically be restricted to show only genres associated with Oleta. Go to electronic and see if there’s a little blue drop down chevron. Select this and see what sub-genres appear.

Ok, focusing on Oleta Adams and checking the Genres while still in focus shows the below.

Going into electronic and opening the drop down menu shows the sub genre to be “Abstract” and this is indeed the one that makes this particular item appear.


As far as I can see, this genre is mapped only to itself:

What remains odd is that neither Abstract nor Electronic tags appear with this album:

What genre is abstract? I don’t think it’s a Roon one.
There is still a chevron next to that genre - what does that show?

Abstract is not a genre that I actively use. It’s not visible when I check my collection in jRiver. But it’s indeed not a Roon genre either. It’s a ghost genre :grimacing:


Regarding your second point, you’re right - digging deeper reveals the below:


I checked all the above genres and the ones that I could find are all mapped to themselves. “Religious” and “Contemporary Gospel” I could not find.

What on earth are pop/rock and religious doing as a sub genre of electronic? I suspect your problem lies here.

Go to genres, choose pop/rock and religious and edit them to be top-level genres.

(The magnifying glass search can be used to find a genre)

PS those genre mappings show file to Roon mappings. We’re interested in the hierarchy here.

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This must have happened long ago when I was messing around with an early Roon version. But you’re right - this is what caused the incorrect matches.

Abstract was mapped to Electronic and both Pop/rock and Religious were mapped to Abstract. I returned all these to “Prefer Roon” default (they were already top-level) and now it’s all looking good.

I kept looking at approaching this from the sidebar menu and hadn’t thought of the possibility of editing genres directly. Maybe that’s how I managed to screw it up initially.

Many thanks for your help, Brian.


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