Focus only searches preferred versions?

I just imported a good amount of 5.1 FLAC albums into my library. When I do a Focus on multi-channel files, Roon seems to show me only the albums that are either preferred versions or unidentified. In other words, any identified albums that are not the primary version do not show up in focuss

This seems a tough way to manage a 5.1 collection within a stereo collection!

You could tag them, and show your collection of 5.1 albums in MY TAGS.

Hi James,

Ok, it looks like Roon “Grouped Alternate Versions” for your stereo and multichannel albums. If you can’t Focus on these multichannel, it means the stereo is the Primary.

You have a few of options.

  1. Go to Settings > General and click Show Hidden Tracks and Albums to Yes. Or …
  2. Select the stereo version of an album with a multichannel Version and click the Other Version button. You should see the two versions with stereo as Primary. Click the 3 dots menu next to multichannel and select Remove from Duplicates. Or…
  3. As with #2, click the 3 dots menu and make the Multichannel the Primary. The stereo would be hidden with this option.

Cheers, Greg

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Thanks to all for the suggestions. Yes, definitely could find and tag the multi-channel versions manually. My take is that the Focus function should offer an option of including or excluding duplicates.

There are lots of use cases for this. For example, what if I want to find all my MFSL CDs but they are not all the preferred versions? I don’t want to have to know what they are to tag them because they don’t show up in Focus.

You can Focus on Duplicates (under Inspector) and that will show both copies of anything marked as a duplicate. Then you can focus on 5.1 (or whatever) to find all the multi-channel content.

Just note this won’t be a comprehensive view of all your multi-channel content - this will just be the duplicate multi-channel albums.

To see all your multi-channel content, I think you’ll need to follow Greg’s advice here, then you can Focus on the format:

Just came across this topic @mike - are there any plans to have this “all multichannel music INCLUDING duplicates” focus? Right now after ripping my DVD-Audio or Blu-ray disc I have to manually remove 5.1 music form duplicates. It’s a little bit annoying. Can you help us? There are more Roon users with this problem (let’s name it “first world problem” of course :slight_smile: