Focus options are missing

Where did my focus just go? See how there’s nothing to focus on? If I restart the app the focus will populate. Happened twice this evening.

Hi @Jez

I’ve enabled diagnostics so we can take a closer look.

Do any specific actions seem to trigger this that you’ve noticed? Does leaving the Albums page and coming back to it later trigger Focus options to come back?

I reported this 19-days ago and I’m still waiting for someone to take a look, despite assurances from Rebeka, last time a week ago, that it was in the queue for someone to take a look. I guess I will monitor this thread, Jez seems lucky.

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It happened two or three times last night, restarting my iPad app seemed to clear it. But I can’t repeat it today. If I notice it again I will let you know. The only clue I could offer is that I had done an “AND” search picking two composers. When I cleared this, the focus became empty rather than repopulating.

Thanks for the update, @Jez. I’ve passed this along to look into. If you see it happen again or notice any patterns please let us know!

I’ve seen the same thing right now:

i’ve clicked on focus… but it took a 20 seconds or so (roon gear showing) before the empty focus window appeared.

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