Focus, Picks not working as expected

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Dedicated Core on AudioLinux 1.7/511

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Gig Ethernet

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IS2 to DAC

Description Of Issue

Album view, Focus on ‘Chesky Records’, 27 albums found, select ‘Picks’ only 1/977, display shows 1 album and yet that album has no Picks. Many others in the 27 Chesky albums do have Picks.

Screen Shot 2019-12-25 at 12.35.27 PM
Screen Shot 2019-12-25 at 12.35.39 PM
Screen Shot 2019-12-25 at 12.38.54 PM
Screen Shot 2019-12-25 at 12.38.33 PM
Screen Shot 2019-12-25 at 12.35.54 PM

Your screenshot shows that this album actually is a pick.


So it seems there is nothing wrong with the focus result here.

FAQ: What do the check marks next to albums and songs mean?


From this site: grafik

Thanks, I get bit by this all the time. I dislike having to choose either albums or tracks as a starting point. The distinction rarely has any value to me.

However, in the Track view within Focus, Label is not an option.

One place with all music allowing for all Search/Focus options would be nice!

You can combine static (aka Tags) and dynamic (aka Focus) lists in Roon.

For exapmle: If one goes to the Tracks browser and focuses on Picks, then selects all tracks and adds them to a new Tag, let’s call it “Pick Tracks”, then opens the Albums browser and focuses on the Chesky label and combines that with the “Pick Tracks” tag, one gets all albums from Chesky Records that contain pick tracks.

As you can see, none of the albums is a Pick.

One can use this method also the other way around, using a tag for “Chesky Records” albums and focusing on Picks for a list of the tracks.

Thanks BlackJack. After 2+ years with Roon it still seems like a few too many steps. I appreciate the help.

Adding a new tag is still not obvious to me. Whenever I select Tag icon if only allows me to filter on existing Tags. I’ll find it but it underscores the number of steps to create a rather simple boolean operation is much too involved and thus I don’t do it often.

Merry Christmas

Hi @Larry_Post,

A BlackJack suggested, the Focus you’re using is finding albums that are considered picks. My recommendation would be to open up a Feature Request for label information on the Track Browser.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.

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