Focus "RATING" shall not display a Mix of User-Rating and Editor's rating only!

Seems I am the 6th user-request for this feature with 1000+ views, but I do not see a move towards such a feature yet.

When filtering Albums by “stars”, obviously editors rating and users rating are taken together. I cannot filter solely according to my rating (as to my observation).

I would like to request a filter with four options for stars: a) “my own rating” b) “editors rating”, c) “either my or editor’s rating” (current programming) and d) “both my and editor’s rating”. This way I have transparency and control on ratings.

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Bump. This would be a great feature to filter in/out music that a user has rated. I rate everything I listen to indicate whether or not I’ve had a attentive listen with the release. I would greatly appreciate this feature.

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It’s treated separately in the software as they are displaying by different color.
We need a controlable interface