Focus Search Logic

I have a question about Roon’s logic when creating a focus search. This bookmarked search is the one I listen to most:

Today’s question is, “When does Roon consider a track ‘played’?” Is it only at 100% completion according to the History, or does some smaller percentage count?

Please note the red negative criterion, “Played in the last 6 Months”. I keep getting tracks that have definitely been played in the last 6 months. I haven’t gone through my History song-by-song to verify completion percentages, but lack of 100% completion seems to be a sensible possibility as to why repeat songs keep showing up. So either Roon doesn’t consider a track played until it reaches 100% completion, or there is an and | or logic conflict in my bookmarked search, or both. I figured I’d ask here to help me eliminate at least one variable.

I’m sure this bookmarked focus search will generate future questions from me.