Focus settings and mp3

Trying to create a focus group that contains only 24bit and DSD files. Including 24/44.1 and up.
Problem: every time I include 44.1 as one of the format bit rates, Roon includes mp3s in the group - even if I DON’T check 16bit as one of the wanted focus parameters. I’ve checked only 24 bit and DSD as the bit depth parameters, but the 16/44.1 mp3s still show up in the result

How do I include 24/44.1, yet exclude mp3 44.1 bitrate files.

Hi can’t you explicitly exclude MP3 format from the focus?

Roon doesn’t seem to let me; as soon as I click 44.1 a line pops up giving me a “range” of mp3 bit rates that are allowed. I don’t see a way to get rid of it.

I don’t have any DFD files so can’t replicate your focus fully, but what I meant was to explicitly exclude them using the MP3 format filter.

Album browser --> Focus --> Format --> MP3

Then click the MP3 tag to invert the selection so that MP3 files are excluded.

Thanks. That works.