Focus shows wrong number of albums

I have started a process to rip my CD’s to FLAC and starts importing those albums to Roon only after I am sure that rip is good and I have listened it myself. I have already imported all my previous rips without making sure that all the metadata is correct, all the albums are found and not sure even if those albums work perfectly or not so that’s why I thought that I just might separate those rips when process is going.

Anyway I stored those new rips to different folder on computer and went to Focus, selected the folder where those albums are and I can find my newly ripped albums but it also shows all other albums too from those artists even those albums does not appear on that newly ripped albums folder which is the filter on Focus.

Here is the picture of the issue:

Im my flac_new folder there is only three albums, one from Within Temptation, one from A Fine Frenzy and one from Lissie. Anyway this shows that Lissie has 5 albums and Within Temptation 8 albums even I have that filter which I thought should filter albums found ONLY on that folder.

Can I somehow separate those folders and see only albums and artists found on that album? If so, how? In the future I have plan to just start removing those “old albums” when I have ripped album and listened it on “new albums” folder on Roon and made sure that it works without flaws etc.

You are looking at an Artist view, which includes reference to all Albums by an Artist in your library, wherever located.

If you just want to see Albums in a particular folder, use Album view and Focus/Inspector/Storage Location.

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Ok, thanks! It would be nice if I could see those lists correctly too but I changed it to Album view and made that filter and it works in this case good enought.

Thanks for help!