Focus the filter field in "Focus"

When clicking the “Focus” button, the first thing one would want to do is start typing the filter in the text field. However, keys are ignored because the filter field doesn’t have focus. Seems like if you’re going to show a modal dialog, having a text field and not giving it focus is a bug.

Subtle, but makes a big usability difference.

On tablets that would bring up the on screen keyboard, which would be inconvenient when people wanted to use a Focus option other than the text filter. You could make the UI behave differently between computers and tablets but one of the design goals of Roon is to make the UI the same on all platforms.

Making things exactly the same, to the detriment of usability, shouldn’t be a goal. If I’m on a tablet, don’t focus it. If I’m on a desktop, it hurts nothing to focus, and will almost always save me a step if I do want to type.

Example: there’s no “hide mouse pointer” setting on Roon for mobile, because it doesn’t make any sense.

Hi Mike,

Not what you’re asking for but make help your workflow; rather than clicking the focus icon just type the / (slash) character on the keyboard, this will popup the focus dialogue with the focus set to the filter box.

As for the feature request itself, it’s not just a matter of running on a tablet device or not … Roon may be running on a [keyboard less] PC with large touch screens, in this case having the touch keyboard popping up every time the focus icon was tapped would not be desirable, so that would also have to be considered / addressed as well.

I’m sure @Mike and the Roon team will give your request (as will all requests) some serious consideration, but I know one of design goals is not to have a multitude of user option check boxes, Roon should be intelligent and work these things out whenever practical to do so.

Thanks for the tip about “/”, i think that’ll help.

Trust me, I understand the desire for lack of prefs and the software “just working” and appreciate the design goals. I guess touchPCs do complicate things. I mostly work on the OSX/iOS side where such hybrids aren’t a problem.