Focusing on LIVE albums

Whenever i use Focus to see live albums in the browser, every album with even just one live track displays. The selection in Focus seems to look for the presence of any live tracks, rather than just accessing the live yes/no metadata for the album.

Is there a way to display just the actual live albums, as indicated by the “Live” album metatag (which I’ve made lots of manual changes to)? I don’t need to see every album I have that has a live bonus track tacked on the end. And the way it works right now, those albums swamp the actual live albums I’m looking for when I focus on “Live.”


Use a Live tag on the live albums maybe?

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Hi Brock,

I looked at this and I agree with you that this should be handled differently.

As you mentioned, Focus on “Live” under Other, displays all albums that contain one or more Live tracks. It seems to ignore the “Live” tag in the metadata.

I believe that Focus on Live should only show albums that are specifically metadata tagged as Live.

Also, maybe Inspector should include something like “Albums with Live tracks”.

My 2 cents.

Cheers, Greg

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I agree. However, I created my own “Live” tag and have added it to all the albums that I classify as Live.