Focusrite: "Channel Layout" greyed out

One of my endpoints is a Win10 laptop running Roon with a Focusrite Clarett 2PRE USB, which has 4 channels out. I am running Roon Core on another desktop PC. Windows, Focusrite drivers, Roon etc are all up-to-date. Both ASIO and WASAPI are showing up in Roon:

However, under the advanced settings for ASIO, I cannot change the Channel Layout from 2.0 as it’s greyed out:

This is the case whether I try to change on the Roon Core machine or the Roon laptop to which the soundcard is attached.

Under the WASAPI settings, the option is not even there:

Now, I know the interface is working fine because I had just used it to measure and generate filters in Audiolense for a 2.1 setup and went to Roon to try them out (and no, neither Audiolense or any other audio application is running on the laptop).

@Peter_van_Rensburg mentions having the same problem with his Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 device in this thread in 2018 but it is unclear whether it ever got sorted…

Hi @Niklas_Nilsson,

Thanks for reaching out! I’ve forwarded your report over to our hardware team who will look into this further in the lab. Once we hear back from them, I or another support staff-member will reach out again here, thanks!

Thanks, Noris.

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Noris, any news re this?

Hello @Niklas_Nilsson,

We spoke with the development team regarding this issue.

Roon supports audio devices with 2.0, 5.1, and 7.1 channel layouts.

Thus, the behavior you are seeing with the 4.0 audio device is expected behavior.

You can try using a virtual audio device to expose a 5.1 or 7.1 device to Roon, and then route the virtual audio output to your focusrite. We cannot “officially” support this setup, but if you would like to experiment it may work.

An example of this type of applications is VB-CABLE:


Thanks, John.

4-channel audio devices are very common and handy for 2-way active setups so please consider adding support for 4.0 channel layouts. I would honestly have thought that Roon of all pieces of software would have supported this.

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I would second the supporting of quad files. More are coming out of late some by Rhino - Chicago box set, Doobie Brothers, Doors and some SACD quadio releases by Santana with more forthcoming

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