Focussing on streamed music by 'added by' profile

Wonder if this is possible as a feature to allow me to focus on music I have added to my library from Tidal myself or more importantly exclude that added by other profiles. I realise I could tag as I import but it would be nice as an automatic feature.


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So, we don’t currently make any connection between the contents of your music library, and your profile.

We track which profile you’re using when you play music, or create playlists, or mark favorites, but we don’t keep track of what profile you’re using when you add music to your library, since your library is unrelated to profiles in the current implementation. There are lots of ways music could added that have nothing to do with profiles (like if you’re watching a NAS drive, and some new files show up).

We’ve heard a couple requests in this area, so we’ll be watching feedback here closely. For now, tagging is probably your best bet.

+1 for more profile based functionality. Different people in the house have different tastes.

Thanks @mike. The only reason I ask is that with physical media I can have separate drives or folders and toggle access to these thus displaying only the content I want and also roon radio can only pick from a specific collection. It would be good to have the same functionality with streamed music as the world moves ever closer to cloud/streaming becoming the norm.

Thanks again, Matt

@Bpagano – your profile can favorite the albums or tracks or artists they like, and quickly focus on those, or you can tag them and quickly focus on the tags.

we felt that making albums “owned” by a profile was very anti-social… my wife may not want to listen to my music, but I’d like her to still have access to it… maybe someday she will play it :smile:

@danny, that totally makes sense (having one big shared library).

But, does the discovery page (or any other recommendations) for my profile get populated by my listening and hearts alone? Or is it also based on other profiles’ listening and preferences?

@Bpagano – just yours… it takes more into consideration than just plays and favorites, but it doesn’t mix usage data between profiles.

@danny Perfect!

I always assume you guys are doing things just right. So far, I haven’t been disappointed.

@danny, Having an about turn here! I imported part of my partners collection and immediately found links I wasn’t expecting and have to agree with you about musical segregation being anti-social. Roon has definitely re-ignited a passion for exploring music.

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