Folder Browsing

I and may others still miss Folder Browsing.
Going first to tracks is workaround and sucks.
In general the search function and playlist making is not very easy and userfriendly.
Try Sonos and you see why, for me reason to farewell Roon and go back to Sonos with their new Port. Even Audirvana has a better search function…

Mods closing this subject is also neglecting Roon customers. Why do you take your paying customers and requests not serious???

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Please, not again


Yes, again until you take your customers serious

It’s like Whack-a-Mole.

Agreed, totally unnecessary and antiquated


Folder browsing? I think I’m going to reinstall Windows 95 now! :sob::sob::sob:


Oh…is this the thread where a mod will utter the word never? I like these threads because for most things never really exists. And whilst there is an ongoing demand for folder browsing, this topic will most likely not (rather than never) go away.

I’m not supporting folder browsing, nor am I against it.

Imagine Roon with it’s current UI & functionality, plus with an option to browse by folders. Surely that would not make the software worse?

As per most threads where suggestions have been posed to improve the product, I am all for improvements, whoever they may suit. After all the more users that take to Roon, the better it is for the company & likely the end users.


I just like to play an entire folder on my NAS or make a playlist from this folder.
This is very easy to implement in Roon, so that those who want to use it can…
Nothing to do with strategy issues.

Roon is the best but lacking some search and playlist functions, for those functions I switch to Audirvana or Sonos.
Is that what you want for your customers? Driving them for some simple functions to competitors?

Its a dead cat. stop beating it.

It is, but as discussed on this post,

I’m going to just going to try to ignore the repeated requests for the folder browser. I won’t “censor it” until the topic becomes unwieldy, but I’ve stated our position on this many times.

Others should ignore as well, if they have nothing to contribute to the subject. “Me too” and “+1” posts are noise, but can easily be ignored by muting the topic. Please don’t pile on the OP or other supporters.

However, strategies to migrate folder-based workflows to Roon are encouraged. There are many and sharing them is the best way to counter the need for this “feature”.

There is a question I do have though…

If you are saying farewell, why bother with generating more noise on the subject?

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You can achieve this by bookmark and tagging features available in Roon.
Import one folder at the time. Did you try ?

When it is time to pay your subscription Roon send following mail:

"Your Roon subscription is about to end :(>

We hope you’ve been enjoying Roon! We’re writing to let you know that auto-renewal isn’t enabled for your account, and your subscription will expire in 3 days.
Don’t worry, though… You can easily keep your access to Roon by enabling it on your account page.

We’re always talking to our subscribers to make sure we’re developing the features you want most. Over the last 5 years, we’ve consistently rolled out new updates to Roon subscribers because you asked for them. If there’s something you feel is missing, don’t hesitate to let us know.

If you haven’t been using Roon, we want to know why. Our mission is to delight music lovers, and if there’s anything we could be doing better, we want to hear about it.
The Roon team "

At your request: YES I feel there’s something missing: Folder Browsing.
Your reaction was not very customer friendly: I’m going to just going to try to ignore the repeated requests for the folder browser.

I am satisfied using Audirvana at a fraction of the costs.
Bye bye Roon…

As was said before.

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You should realize, seriously realize, those who want folder browsing are not “customers” (strongly worded, I know, but shock factor is important here). It’s not a feature they will ever, and in my opinion should ever, entertain. Plenty of other software which does this and its entirely counter to Roon’s philosophy. Either subscribe to the philosophy of the way they want you to browse or use something different. Stop paying them. Stop using the software. It will never have folder browsing. Whatever money you’re handing over doesn’t put you on the Product Management team. It simply gives you a license to use the software “as is”. Which, you clearly, don’t like so why do you continue to fund its development?

But, as you said, bye bye.

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You should try JRiver. You can engage in Folder Browsing and work up the metadata details to your hearts content. Take a look at Song Kong. Good metadata helper.

Roon is simple, but its not for everyone.

Happy New Year and a safe 2021. ----Robert

To adapt an old saying somewhat:

Roon without Folder Browsing is like a Fish without a Bicycle.


Just let people browse their libraries in folder view, it is just another viewing option for users that can actually benefit from this rather that searching/looking/scrolling/filtering their massive collection.

I started a 14 days trial and the two most irritating things about Roon (which I like after 1 day) is lack of:

  • folder browsing
  • List view for Albums/Artists/Composers etc.

Jesus, even Apple Music app has list view for convenience and they are famous for giving too much UI options.